Welcome to Mudgee Vocal Studio

Mudgee Vocal Studio’s (MVS) mission is to bring proper vocal technique to all students in Mudgee and its surrounds. MVS aims to promote the enjoyment of singing, prepare students for exams and to give students the skills needed to succeed in the music industry.

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At MVS we specialise in teaching the essentials such as breath control, posture, mental state, vocal anatomy (what is happening within our bodies) and vocal health to ensure students get the maximum results.


We also teach correct musicianship such as score reading, harmonisation, sight reading, rhythm, and aural skills. We also focus on performance preparation should you be looking to enter competitions or eisteddfods.

Open to all

We teach boys and girls as well as men and women starting from the age of 5. Students do not need extensive knowledge about singing or music to start. We offer casual or term based training within the Mudgee region.